Lomo 5 stars Intense - 80 gr Enrique Tomás

Elegant sachet with 80 grams of exquisite Iberian sausage, sliced by professional Jamón artisans and with an intense flavour. This product is made with a whole pork loin, without external fat, marinated with a dressing prepared with paprika, garlic, oregano and olive oil. The lomo is a stuffed piece, which means that it has been cured inside the natural pork gut, like a whole piece, without chopping. Just like the Jamón 5 stars of intense flavour, the Pata Negra cured meats are also a delicacy like this Lomo 5 stars of intense flavour as well. The lomo is a unique product of Spanish gastronomy and is obtained from Iberian pigs fed freely on acorns and wild herbs during the Montanera in the Iberian meadows.

It does not contain substances or ingredients that cause allergies.

Iberian acorn loin, salt, paprika de la Vera, oregano, garlic, sugar, olive oil, dextrose, preservatives (E252 and E250) and antioxidant (E301). Edible collagen wrap.

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