Cebo 50% Iberian Ham - 80 gr

On vacuum packed with 80 grams of a delicious Iberian ham. This sliced ​​is presented in a practical vacuum envelope, filled with a product that has been treated by the expert hands of our master ham makers. The Iberian Cebo Ham is simply exquisite, an Iberian product suitable for all palates

It does not contain substances or ingredients that cause allergies. • Possible presence of traces of LACTOSE.

Iberian bait pork ham, common salt, preservatives (E-252 and E-250) and antioxidant (E-301).

Collection point

ENRIQUE TOMÁS EXPERIENCE - Madrid T4 - Floor 1 - J48-J49 & J50-J51
Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas - T4
Terminal 4, Floor 1, Departures/Arrivals (Plaza Central)
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