10 Year Old


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Bowmore® is home to the World’s oldest Scotch maturation warehouse, the legendary No.1 VAULTS. Some of the world’s most coveted single malts have been meticulously matured here, steeped in more than 230 years of heritage, matured in the finest casks. Bowmore’s® 10 years old pushes the boundaries with bold flavour fusions. Spanish oak sherry casks develop spicy notes on our signature peat smoke in an intense marriage of fire and earth. Experience the layered spectrum of baked Seville orange,toasted maple, peat smoked walnuts and sherry.

Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Region of Origin: 艾雷岛
Type: Brown
Whisky Style: Rich & Rounded
Alcohol by Volume: 40%
Age: 10
Tasting Notes - Nose: 日晒果干、烤酸橙和烤枫木的香气
Tasting Notes - Body: 葡萄干、海盐和深色果油
Tasting Notes - Finish: 炭熏核桃和多种香料挥之不去的绵长滋味。
Flavour: Spicy flavours

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