15 Year Old

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15 Year Old
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Bowmore® is home to the World’s oldest Scotch maturation warehouse, the legendary No.1 VAULTS. Some of the world’s most coveted single malts have been meticulously matured here, steeped in more than 230 years of heritage, matured in the finest casks. Bowmore’s® 15 years old marriage of 1st fill bourbon casks and hogsheads has a refreshing, inspired and uplifting character. Harmonised through maturation, let its layers of perfect silk citrus and salty-sweet vanilla glide over the palate, finishing with peat smoke, sweet almond and lemon.

Country of Origin: 英国
Region of Origin: 艾雷岛
Type: 棕色
Whisky Style: Rich & Rounded
Alcohol by Volume: 43%
Age: 15
Tasting Notes - Nose: 蜂蜜、柠檬和甜烟叶的香味令人遐想来自意大利西西里阳光灿烂的美味甜点
Tasting Notes - Palate: 丝滑柑橘、咸甜香草和蜂蜜
Tasting Notes - Finish: 萦绕舌尖的炭熏、甜杏仁和柠檬香。
Flavour: Spicy flavours

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Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas - T4S
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